April 13, 2018

Food for Satyrs

Our Food for Satyrs adventure yesterday started off on a misty, but warm morning. We got our first inkling of what was to come when we stopped at a little marsh close to our final destination. There was still too much water and mud to go into the marsh proper, but the sight of some seriously big orchids (Anacamptis laxiflora) standing among the reeds gave us every reason to get excited.

Anacamptis laxiflora are wetland orchids, also known as Jersey orchid

A little detour via the wonderful Kafenion in Kissos for some much needed caffeine took us up onto the plateau where we were greeted with a sea of colour and movement. The fields full of long grass and thousands of wild flowers were gently moving in the breeze, creating a scene of ever changing shades of green, dotted with multi-coloured specks and producing the heady scent generally known as “fresh air”.

the fantastic colour palette of the plateau

The walk around the plateau was a walk through wonderland. The sheer volume and variety of wild orchids on display surpassed all expectations. Wherever we looked, there were clusters of pyramid orchids (A. pyramidalis), Jersey orchids (A. laxiflora), hanged man orchids (O. anthropophora) but also Erodium, masses of buttercups, blood red tulips, daisies, lupins etc. The variety and the colours seemed endless.

in awe of all the wild flowers

Endless views, masses of flowers, and incredible palette of colour and some fantastic stories on the mythology of plants and their origin together with an excellent group of walkers made for another fantastic day out. A perfect day was capped on the way back with a great sit down meal in a seriously traditional taverna. Great day, great people. Thank you!

tongue orchid
tongue orchid, one of the many species of orchid encountered on the trip

5 thoughts on “Food for Satyrs

  1. This walk is fantastic in every way. The nature, with Lefka Ori on one side and Idi Mountain on the other side, is absolutely stunning. You have a good chance of seeing both eagles and vultures and on the ground you can admire all kinds of flowers and trees. It is an easy walk on mostly dirt roads and tracks on a high plateau. The best of all…..you have Enda, the best guide in all Crete. He can tell you all about plants and birds and Greek history and mythology and much more. I can promise you a wonderful day in the Cretan mountains

  2. The walk was absolutely breathtaking! Words and pictures can not do it justice. Walking along the path with Enda and hearing the stories of Ancient Greek mythology along with his knowledge of the different flowers and how they fit into history made it that much better! I would suggest this walk for everyone!! Thanks Enda.

    We will be returning and taking this tour again in the fall.

  3. This was a wonderful place and Enda is a wonderful guide. he knows all the plants but not just that, he knows what they are used for and keeps you interested all the time. We saw griffon vultures and ravens and beautiful butterflies as well. The number of different orchids and other flowers is gigantic!! Thanks Enda for this nice walk!

  4. This place was mesmerizing. Different shades of green grasses waving gently with the breeze,generously sprinkled with beautiful colors of many different wildflowers..
    It was such a relaxing walk. Enda, our guide, made it so interesting as he knows the area, the plants, the history and folklore.
    This was an easy walk for all age groups. This was like a little slice of heaven for a day!
    Bravo Enda!

  5. This is a lovely day out! Lots of stunning, varied scenery, and so many, many different flowers, birds, trees….
    There were so many different orchids – a field of pink pyramids, bee orchids hiding in the undergrowth, yellow ones falling down a rocky hillside… it was like a botanical garden! Big yellow and white daisies, buttercups, rocket, I felt spoilt for choice! But never forget my personal favourite, a red and black tulip, covering whole fields, which only grows in one place on earth!
    What was best about this trip? Hard to say. An easy walk, mainly on dirt tracks and on the level? Coffee under enormous plane trees in a tiny little village? A lovely meal in a traditional taverna filled with all sorts of family memoirs? None of the above – it’s your guide Enda. He seems to know the name of every flower, bird, and tree. He’s full of stories and myths about the landscape and the wild life, and above all, he’s interested in making sure the day is the best you can have.
    It really is a wonderful, varied, day out. Proper Crete.

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