April 10, 2018

Hello World!

2018 sure is proving to be a year of change. This is the latest one, Hidden Crete’s very own blog, so we say: “Hello World!”.
Hidden Crete is a new, innovative program by Ballos Travel Agency based in Georgioupolis. With this program we aim to offer visitors to the island a different experience from the standard beach – taverna – organised tour routine. Crete has so much more to offer, and through the Hidden Crete program we intend to make the “other Crete” available to those who want a different experience.

Xorta (edible greens) is one of the main stays of the true Cretan diet.

Rather than concentrating on the over-used tourist hot spots of the island, the Hidden Crete program concentrates on the vast natural wealth of Crete’s fauna, flora, geology and its social life today and throughout history. Our excursions do indeed seek the road less travelled, thus ensuring an unforgettable experience for the participants.

The Hidden Crete format consists of day excursions which take the participants to places and areas which would not normally be visited by the “standard” tourist. Under the guidance of our dedicated guide, Enda MacMullen, participants are introduced to the exquisite world of Crete’s wild flowers, its vast insect world, wonderful landscapes, and the mythology behind landscapes and plant names. Although not a trained botanist or historian, Enda’s knowledge is vast and in-depth, making these excursions the perfect memories for years to come.

bus and passengers
On the way back from a perfect day out.

All our day excursions are designed to give maximum impact on unique experience, and are combined with locations chosen specifically for their unique beauty and the enormous photo opportunities these areas present. If needed, our guide, who did have a photographic training many years ago, is more than willing to part with some “tricks of the trade” to ensure that your holiday photos are of a quality and beauty that will make it a joy to see and share them over and over again.



4 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Me and my family went on walks with Enda and my kids were so excited about all the new things they learned! Both of them became passionate about the flora, the history and addicted to the amazing views no one had showed or talked to us before. I highly recommend!

  2. I highly recommend the Hidden Crete tours from Ballos travel agency and the amazing and knowledgeable tour guide, Ian. I had a brilliant time in all of his walks.

  3. Chaque journée passée avec Enda McMullen est une journée réussie. De découverte en découverte, de chemin en sentier, de village en hameau, chaque instant est magique ! Une fleur ici, une ruine là, une histoire, une anecdote, une légende, Les connaissances d’Enda sont intarissables. Et surtout, surtout, la façon dont Enda nous raconte toutes ces choses est unique et captivante. Enda est un vrai passionné. Il aime la Crète. La Crète est sa maison, sa vie.
    Une journée en sa compagnie est pur bonheur, pur enchantement
    À découvrir absolument

  4. Walking with Enda is a true pleasure! I always have many questions about everything and for my satisfaction, none of them were left unanswered.
    I was completely hypnotised by the views, surprised of his knowledge about history and flora and overall, after every walk I felt amazing even if my feet sometimes were complaining. Was worth every single step! I got the chance to see Crete in a detailed, fascinating way. Thank you!

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